How to withdraw money from Podbase?

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Last Update 7 bulan yang lalu

If you are looking for how to withdraw money from your Podbase wallet - you are in the right place. 

The process to do so is still a little bit inconvenient, but we are working on introducing an easier way to do it.

To withdraw money from Podbase, you should contact our Support team. In your request, please include:

  • Your Podbase account's email address
  • The amount you would like to withdraw

Now, there are 3 ways to contact our support team:

Contact by email

Drop us a line at support@podbase.com 

Contact by Live Chat

You probably noticed the Live Chat in the bottom right corner while you were surfing Podbase:

You can initiate a conversation with our Support team here.

Contact by leaving a Ticket

If our Support team is offline, when you open a chat you'll have the possibility to leave a ticket which will be answered once we are back online.

You can also leave a ticket by heading to http://help.podbase.com and clicking "Submit Ticket" on the top right corner:

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