What is Podbases' printed content policy?


Last Update vor 2 Jahren

At Podbase we seek to empower everyone with creativity and entrepreneurship to express it by creating the highest quality products and services. Ecommerce has connected the world in fantastic ways and there has never been a better time to launch your own eCom gig, private brand or personalise goods for yourself.

However, we want that the submitted designs would be respectful of others and the law. So please make sure you keep this in mind before going live with your new fancy shop. Please also note no trademarked brands can be used unless you have official approval. This is solely your responsibility and you will be held liable in the event of a trademark/copyright breach.

Please note that by using Podbase you completely agree with our Term of Services and for all designs and content that is uploaded to your library you own the rights to use, sell and/or distribute goods.

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