How to install Shopify app to your Podbase account?


Last Update 9 bulan yang lalu

1. Create an account and set up your first e-store in Shopify. Make sure you are logged during installion process.

2. Sign in to your Podbase account and go to "Store settings" → subtab "Shopify Integration". Click on "Connect to Shopify".

3. You will be transferred to Shopify app store, where you can add Podbase app.

4. Once you clicked on "Add app", you will be transferred to your Shopify account to install Podbase app to your account.

5. After installation of the app you will be transferred back to Podbase account. 

6. You can double check if an app have been successfully installed in your Shopify store account. Go to "Settings" → "Apps and sales channels" and there you will see a list of installed features. 

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