How to add products from Podbase to my Shopify e-shop?


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1. First of all, we need to create a product on Podbase platfrom. Login to you Podbase account and go to "Products" and start creating "New Product".

2. Choose a product from the list

3. When you select particular product, you can read additional information about it and then start designing it.

4. Add your awesome design to the designing generator. Follow all of the guidelines to get the best result. Once design is ready according to Podbase guidelines, you can continue to Product Details. 

5. Here you can change additional information about the product. Once everything is set up, just click "Create Product" 
1. If you make orders manually in Podbase system, this additional product information will be visible only for you (not for your client).
2. If you use Podbase app and import product automatically, some of the information will be transferred to your e-shop, which could be visible for your end client. So at the end of the day always double check what kind of information you store in your own e-shop.

6. Your first product is created. You will see it in your "Products" list.

7. To add a product to your Shopify store just click on "Add to Shopify". Make sure you have logged in to your Shopify account and this account have installed Podbase app. When the product is added successfully you will see "Added" status next to the product.

8. Also, you can check your Shopify store, where new product is already added. 

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