How do I place a manual order?


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  1. Log in/create your Podbase account
  2. Click "+ Manual order" in the top right of the page
  3. Click “New Product” or select from previous designs
  4. Select your product type: Mugs, Phone cases etc.
  5. Select your first product: category, type, and model
  6. Click “ Start designing”
  7. Add your desired design to your product. Make sure your uploaded designs are high quality (300 dpi recommended)
  8. Scroll down to the bottom and press “Create product”
  9. Select product variant (for phone cases iPhone 13 etc.)
  10. Click "Continue to shipping" and enter your delivery address
  11. Click "Continue to checkout"
  12. Select a shipping method and Confirm order information, make sure you have topped your wallet and have sufficient credit, otherwise your order will not be processed.
  13. If you like to learn how to top up your wallet click here.

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